Making Money with Google  

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Yes you came to the right place , weather you are a new to the online business or you are a pro you sure wants to make more money


There are many ways to make money with google :


Google Adsense جوجل أدسينس -

A Content-targeting technology were ads are relevant to your site's traffic.

Google uses automatic content-targeting technology to detect what ads will shows up on your site.

In most cases the ads on your site will be relevant to your site content

أسرع بالاشتراك فهو مجاني حاليا



Google adwords جوجل أدوورد

A smart advertising network system that allow their members to set their advertising geographic targets and shows up there ads within google search engine and network sites within selected keywords and phrases





By a simple to follow plan you can be both adsense member and adwords member so that you can bring traffic to your site by adwords and generate money from adsense ads on your site , the main concerns is managing advertising costs to be less than revenue from adsense


Our ebook will show you how to use both adsense and adwords , and how to prepare your own money making formula that makes you money 24 hours a day , 7 days a week , 365 days a year

Our ebook is currently in Arabic , we will soon produce an English based edition

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من روائع جوجل - متصفح فايرفوركس الشهير بدعم من جوجل




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